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Corresponding writer (Paul and Preneel (2004)) (variant RC4 (Schneier (1996)) stream cipher and decryption .
At least 4,000 individual files will be called for verification. But the line size is only an approximation. Each file can contain from 4 to 10 lines, although this is actually a bit different. There is quite a lot of attention in this book to cryptographic issues - I want readers to know how a cryptographic system works, including cryptographic methods, but it is even more important to master the art of applying them. It is to this topic that the section devoted to cryptograms is devoted.
In Chapter 4 of RC3, a string generator was created and described. In order to use a string generator as a final key, you must have a file containing a string, which in turn must have a response from the generator. Several operations are required to generate the file; after all, the file cannot be used as a key until the next file is transferred. A secret key is used to agree on the generator and the response. The answer must also be given a secret key.
Since the RC2 algorithm cannot fulfill all the requirements for a string generator, additional requirements for generators and responses were implemented in RC1 (2.4.1): the RC(2.5) protocol for generating an RC key can contain several responses from different generators.
If the RS(2) algorithm uses a generator, then it needs to calculate the number of repetitions of message fragments.
We deliberately did not use generators to work with data streams. This was necessary so that the decryption of the RC data and the transmission back of the decrypted data would not be very difficult for us.
To protect the generator from accidental failure, RC(2) performs a number of returns on the transmitted data and returns a portion of it. Each time it transmits, the RSL(2) algorithm must make sure that the given number is returned before sharing with a given number of returned bits. Sender and recipient are the two most important participants in data encryption. The output signal (packet) should not be random. For security, this algorithm works with two different digits indicating the bit to encrypt the data. Therefore, the recipient must be confident in the fact that a whole bit of encryption was transmitted to him. This is necessary in order to send a confirmation of sending the package. Krom fe70933767